FFBC History

The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches is a group of churches and pastors that have stood united for Christ and against apostasy for over 60 years.

In his book, How God Delivered 34 Churches, Pastor Newton Conant, details the story of the creation of the FFBC in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1939. Amidst the unification of various Methodists denominations to form the United Methodist Church, a group of pastors and churches stood up and walked out rather than become one with the apostasy and liberalism that was already entrenched in some of the leadership of what was to become the United Methodist Church.

These pastors and church delegates met together and formed what became known as the “Bible Protestant Church” and has maintained its Biblical, separatist stand every since. The Bible Protestant Church changed its name to the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches in 1985 in order to provide clearer identification.

Over the years, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches has operated a Christian camp for young people and adults (Tri-State Bible Camp and Conference Center in Montague, New Jersey), maintained a local-church based Bible institute (Fundamental Bible Institute), sent missionaries overseas with Fundamental Bible Missions, hosted youth rallies between member churches and assisted in the planting and strengthening of Fundamental churches.

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