2012 Resolutions

The Resolutions from the 2012 FFBC Annual Conference have been posted.  They are available as a unit in .pdf form here.

They are also available as individual posts on the FFBC Blog.  The Titles of the Resolutions (linked to their posts on the FFBC Blog) are as follows.

Resolution # 1 – One Generation to Another

Resolution # 2 – A Solemn Protest

Resolution # 3 – Standing for Truth in the Face of Danger and Unpopularity

Resolution # 4 – In Acknowledgement of Dr. Franklin


Fellowship Link – Summer 2012

The Fellowship Link for the Summer of 2012 is available as a pdf download here and as a blog post on the FFBC Blog here.

Fellowship Link for March – May 2012 posted

The Fellowship Link for March – May 2012 has been posted.  It is available in .pdf format here and on the FFBC Blog here.

News from New Hampshire – March 2012

Pastor Dan Boyce of Victory Baptist Church in Whitefield, New Hampshire periodically puts out a missions newsletter entitled, “News from New Hampshire.”  The March 2012 edition is now available in .pdf format for reading and downloading.  You can find it here.

The letter is also on the FFBC Blog as a regular post.  The text version can be found here.

Fellowship Link for January – February 2012 published

The Fellowship Link for January and February 2012 has been posted.  It is available in .pdf format here and is available on the FFBC Blog here.

2011 FFBC Resolutions Available

The FFBC Resolutions approved at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches is now posted on the website (here) and is available for reading, downloading, and printing in both .doc format (here) and .pdf format (here).

For some comments on resolutions, in general, see this page – which also has links to many resolutions from previous years.

July-August 2011 Fellowship Link posted

The July-August 2011 edition of the Fellowship Link has been posted.  It can be viewed and downloaded in .pdf format here and on the FFBC Blog here.