Over the years, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches has published a few newsletters and magazines designed to inform and inspire believers in general and FFBC members in particular. A long-standing production was The Messenger, which has been in publication in various formats since the 1940s.

There are currently two ongoing “paper and ink” publications and one online publication.

The Fellowship Link

The Fellowship Link is a monthly publication written by the President of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches. The Fellowship Link generally contains a devotional thought and highlights from around the FFBC. The Fellowship Link is sent to FFBC Churches and other interested individuals each month in a format that allows for it to be inserted into church bulletins.

View/Download the Current Issue of The Fellowship Link


The Spotlight

The FFBC Spotlight is a periodic publication written by various members of the FFBC and seeks to designed to put a spotlight on current events and trends from a Biblical perspective. Recent FFBC Spotlights that are available include the following:

Tsunami – Why Does God Allow Suffering by Pastor Ron Whitehead

Hollywood Movies and the Christian by Pastor Mark Franklin

The DaVinci Code by Pastor Frank Sansone

Copies of The FFBC Spotlight can be ordered from the FFBC Secretary or can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format.

The FFBC Blog

The FFBC Blog is an online blog by FFBC Pastors and Members. The FFBC Blog seeks to allow an opportunity to keep up-to-date with what is going on around the FFBC without the confines of the “ink and paper” world. The FFBC Blog generally posts (in blog format) the monthly FFBC Link, Reports from the National Representative of the FFBC, FFBC announcements, FFBC events, and periodic resources and book reviews. The FFBC Blog is located at

In addition to these ongoing publications, brochures about the FFBC and other information is available from the National Representative and the FFBC Secretary.

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