One of the definitions of “resolution” given by Mirriam-Webster is “a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent voted by an official body or assembled group.”

Over the years, the FFBC (like many other organizations) have issued resolutions to express the opinion of the Fellowship on issues of the day. In recent times, it has become popular to mock the concept of resolutions, the FFBC believes that there is still value in the passing of resolutions.

Resolutions can be helpful in some of the following ways:

1. They provide a unified voice of support or opposition in regards to a particular issue. While the same thing may be done on an individual basis, the collaborative effort of an official resolution acts as a “louder voice” in the arena.

2. They can be a catalyst for others to likewise speak out. A resolution may serve to encourage others who think the same way to also speak up in regards to the issue at hand.

3. They can awaken others to the issue. Sometimes a resolution may cause others to think seriously about an issue that they have previously not considered – or had not considered seriously.

4. They can chronicle the positions of an organization. Allowing others who are not as familiar with the organization to consider the positions of a particular organization over the years.

Over the years, the FFBC has passed a number of resolutions. You can find some of the resolutions of recent years by following the links below.

2009 FFBC Resolutions

2008 FFBC Resolutions

2007 FFBC Resolutions

2006 FFBC Resolutions

2005 FFBC Resolutions

2004 FFBC Resolutions

2003 FFBC Resolutions

2002 FFBC Resolutions

2001 FFBC Resolutions

2000 FFBC Resolutions

1999 FFBC Resolutions

1998 FFBC Resolutions

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