1998 FFBC Resolutions


With the passage of a city ordinance on June 1, 1997 that calls for affirmative action by all contractors who deal with the city on behalf of homosexuals, bisexuals or transsexuals, the City of San Francisco has become the leading governmental advocate for the homosexual movement. The ordinance requires contractors to implement a hiring policy favoring homosexuals, those with AIDS or with a “different gender identity”. Churches would not be exempt from its provisions. “This policy is the most far reaching, culture changing ordinance enacted in history. San Francisco is attempting to change the entire world’s acceptance of homosexuality, gender identity, and is attempting to force private employers to subsidize homosexual practices through heal insurance benefits.” Several large corporations have already bowed to this flagrant attempt to legitimatize the gay life style.

God’s Word in the first chapter of Romans deals with those who are defiled by their own lusts, who dishonor their bodies between themselves, and change the natural use of sex to something against nature. Those who do not like to retain the knowledge of God or His standards of conduct will be given up by Him to face the consequences of their actions and the eternal wrath of God

We, the pastors and delegates of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches meeting at

Tri-State Bible Conference, Montague, New Jersey, August 18-22, 1997 condemn the actions of the city of San Francisco and others who follow their example in attempting to legalize immorality and force their ungodly lifestyle on others. We call upon them to repent and upon Christians to protest this latest challenge to morality, to pray for revival and to raise up a standard for righteousness in these last days.

Information taken from the Liberator – Vol. 8, #6 published by Liberty Counsel


Those who are tempted to listen to the siren song of Ecumenism should take heed to the recent establishment of “The United Religions”, a religious counterpart to the United Nations. “The United Religions would have all religions abandon their core beliefs and join together in a worship-the-earth form of religiosity.” In a speech before this group, former United Nations Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller said: “Peace will be impossible without the taming of fundamentalism through a ‘United Religions’ that professes faithfulness only to purpose of the global spirituality and the health of the planet.”

The ultimate outcome of the ecumenical movement will not be to heal breaches between Christians and bring brothers together to combat the evils of society, as its exponents claim, but to set the stage for the final apostasy when the beast and the false prophet will united mankind in its opposition to Christ and worship of the Anti-Christ.

We, therefore, the pastors and delegates of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting at Tri-State Bible Conference, August 18-22, 1997, warn those who are tempted to flirt with the ecumenical movement and work with it for common goals to heed the warning of Revelation 18:4 and “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins”.


The continuing persecution of believers around the world by Muslims should be a matter of concern to all believers. In March of this year there was an outbreak of violence against Christians in Indonesia, with a number of Churches and Christian schools being vandalized and burned. Believers were beaten and one pastor was killed. Egyptian Christians have suffered at the hand of “Muslim Extremists”. The Sudanese government continues to practice genocide against African believers in the southern part of its country and believers in the Congo and other central African countries are being martyred for their faith. These events are ignored by our secularized press, because Christians don’t count. Our government courts Yassar Arafat and his demands that Israel make impossible concessions to facilitate “the peace process” while he urges continued violence against Israel, and displays in his office a map that shows the Palestinian State displacing Israel.

While Muslims plead for tolerance in countries where they are in the minority, they continue in the tradition of Mohammed to use the sword to enforce their beliefs in countries where they are in the majority.

We, therefore, the pastors and delegates of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting at Tri-State Bible Conference, Montague, New Jersey, August 18-22, 1997, urge our fellow believers to become aware of the plight of believers under Muslim rule, pray for them in their hour of trial, and for the Muslim persecutors, that they, like the Apostle Paul might realize that the One they are persecuting is their Messiah.


A recent rash of laws restricting religious liberty in several countries should cause concern among Christians everywhere and alert them that freedom of worship is in danger around the world.

Thanks to the veto imposed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin, an attempt to recognize four “official religions” and ban all other groups was beaten back; but the fact that it passed the Duma poses a continuing threat to the newly won freedoms of Russian believers.

In Israel, the Knesset considered a bill that would have made it illegal to attempt to “proselytize” or give out literature that sought to convert someone.

Now Belgium, Spain and Romania are also considering legislation to restrict religious liberty.

We, therefore, the pastor and delegates of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting at Tri-State Bible Conference, Montague, New Jersey, August 18-22, 1997, urge Christians everywhere to pray for an open door for Christians in countries where freedom is under assault; to protest such attempts to abridge the liberties of believers to worship freely, and to remember that “it can happen here”.


In these times when Christians are constantly under attack, it is good to know that there are those who are on the front line, defending those rights and privileges which are our heritage as citizens of a constitutional republic. Such a group is the American Association of Christian Schools, which recently won an important battle by defending the right of Christian and private schools to offer tuition discounts to their faculty members. While, in itself, this may seem a small issue, it is part of a continuing attempt to undermine the Christian School movement and each skirmish in the battle is important.

We commend the American Association of Christian Schools for their vigilance and for the skill and dedication they displayed in their defense of Christian Schools on this and many other issues.

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