1999 FFBC Resolutions

he following resolutions were adopted by the pastors and delegates of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting in Annual Session, August 16-20, 1999, at Tri-State Bible Conference, Montague, New Jersey.


Zondervan Publishing Company has joined with the International Bible Society to produce unisex versions of the Bible. The New International Version Committee for Biblical Translation is replacing thousands of nouns and pronouns which are gender specific with gender-neutral ones which rob the Scriptures of much of their meaning. This is being done to placate womens lib groups and make these “contemporary translations” more acceptable to liberal theologians. This is another attempt to humanize God and make Him over in mans image and is a form of blasphemy. Those nouns and pronouns are just as inspired as any other part of Scripture, and to tamper with them undermines the inerrancy of Gods Holy Word. We do not worship a Father/Mother God, or bow before the King/Queen of Heaven or thank a Son/Daughter Redeemer/Redemptress for our salvation. The message of the Scriptures is eternal and when the Holy Spirit used gender-specific language, He did it for a purpose.

We urge our people to see the danger of this undermining of the authority of Scripture and reject those “paraphrases” which make use of it, regardless of how “easy” they claim these perversions of Gods Word are to read.


Episcopal Bishop William Swing continues his drive to establish a Parliament of World Religions. This United Religions would parallel the United Nations and serve as an international mediator to bring together the worlds religions. “Religions”, he says, “must meet on a daily, permanent basis” to resolve religious differences by negotiations, in other words compromise.

The Scriptures speak of such a world religion. It is called the Scarlet Woman of the Book of Revelation, which will be led by the False Prophet and will worship the Anti-Christ when he appears. Since the only deeply held conviction of Liberals, regardless of their denomination is their rejection of the Scriptures, there will be one common purpose that unites them, and that is the persecution of Bible believers who refuse to unite with them.

The call by the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury for all Anglicans to recognize the Pope as the supreme authority of a global church is but another link in this chain. In a document called “The Gift of Authority”, the Pope is described as “A gift to be received by all the churches” and states that in a new united church the Pope would exercise “universal primacy”. This is a frightening prospect in view of the Popes recent statement that he would declare war on those who oppose the “Universal Church”.

We urge all Bible believing Christians to avoid entangling alliances with ecumenical groups and compromising churches which will be drawn into this United Religion, Satans religious deception, Babylon the Great, the Scarlet Woman and to warn others to “come out from among them”.


The President has again openly endorsed perversion. By proclaiming June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month” in an attempt to pay off the political debt he owes to the homosexual lobby, the President has disgraced himself and the office of the Presidency. The sinful lifestyle that is judged in Genesis 19 and condemned in Romans 1 and elsewhere in the Scripture is not to be made an acceptable part of American society by presidential decree.

The new regulations issued for the armed forces attempt to use our military as a vehicle to indoctrinate our service personal to accept this twisted and sinful lifestyle as normal. Those fed up with this social experimentation are quitting the military in droves, having a negative effect on our nations defense.

The Presidents appointment of a homosexual ambassador to Luxemburg was but another attempt to gain respectability from the homosexual community.

President Clinton is just one part of a vast conspiracy to reshape society in its own ungodly image. Liberal politicians of both parties have joined him in this effort. The media and the large and small screen all bombard us with a constant stream of propaganda promoting every form of perversion. But it is the President who has led the drive to make homosexuality acceptable. We, as Fundamentalists, feel we must stand up, and oppose the moral destruction of our society by President Clinton and his allies. His own Southern Baptist Convention has strongly criticized his actions as has the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. We, therefore, call upon our people to pray for our nation, and to call their senators and representatives and urge them to oppose the manipulations of those who feel that God and morality have no place in modern society. We call upon them to stand up to the homosexual lobby.


On this 60th Anniversary of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, we rejoice in the fruitful legacy of our fellowship. This Fellowship of Churches was born when men of integrity walked out of the Methodist merger of 1939. Separation was the trademark of those early years as our forefathers paid a price for what they believed. They were men of conviction and courage who stood for truth in days of compromise and apostasy and they humbly carried the banner of Fundamentalism.

They have left large footsteps in which we must follow. Isaiah, the prophet, exhorted Israel to “look unto the rock whence ye are hewn” (Isaiah 51:1). May we cherish our heritage and be challenged to follow the faithful who have gone on before us.

On this Anniversary year, we, the Pastors and Delegates, meeting in Annual Session, wish to remind our churches of their rich heritage as Fundamentalists who separated from apostasy, to remember the faithful who took a stand before us and who are now with the Lord, and to re-commit ourselves to our Doctrinal Statement and Biblical Positions that have identified us through the years.


Since Cain murdered Abel, all crimes of violence have been “Hate Crimes”. Those murdered in a robbery or as a result of domestic violence are just as dead as the one who was targeted by a racial or religious fanatic for extermination. The very radicals who tried to abolish the death penalty and now attempt to forestall the execution of every convicted criminal are those pushing for stiffer penalties for individuals accused of “Hate Crimes”.

The homosexual lobby is behind much of this legislation, which goes far beyond dealing with crimes of violence. Their real target is not those who commit acts of violence, but those who would criticize their ungodly way of life. The White House and various members of Congress have backed this legislation, perhaps because of their own immoral lifestyles. Much of this legislation is aimed at “thought control” rather than crime control.

The Scripture tells us that “Whoso sheddeth mans blood by man shall his blood be shed” (Genesis 9:6). If a serious effort was made to enforce the death penalty much of the violent crime in our country would disappear. We urge our legislators to reject so-called “Hate Crimes” legislation, to recognize the real purpose of those who sponsor it, and to remember that, constitutionally, laws should apply equally to all citizens convicted or accused of a crime.


We, the pastors and delegates of the FFBC, wish to express our heart-felt thanks to Bill Hoeflinger, the summer administrator at TSBC, and his wife, Naomi, Keith Lamberson, the Property Manager, and his wife, Alicia, to our cook, Cyndie Shelton, and to the staff for all the efforts they have put forth to make our stay a comfortable and enjoyable one. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf and their unstinting service to the Lord.

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