2002 FFBC Resolutions

The Pastors and Delegates of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches adopted the following resolutions by unanimous vote at their Annual Session meeting at Tri-State Bible Camp and Conference Center in Montague, NJ on August 12-16, 2002. Members of the Resolutions Committee include Pastor Joe Roof, Pastor Al Martin, Pastor Bill Raymond, Pastor Ron Whitehead, and Pastor Mark Franklin, and Mr. Ken Thompson (Resolution #1 was written with the help of Miss Carol Keirstead).

Resolution #1 – September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, at our Annual Meeting in August, remains saddened that the enemies of liberty and religious freedom conducted unprecedented acts of terror against our country resulting in the loss of thousands of lives, the instilling of fear in the lives of American families, the destruction of private and government property, and major disruptions to the global economy. Acts of terror such as these threaten the freedom of every U.S. citizen and peoples around the globe. These tragedies reveal the need for Americans to turn to God as the only hope for personal and national salvation. President George W. Bush is resolved to defend freedom and bring the terrorists to justice and is exercising superb leadership in defining a plan for defending our country and securing our freedoms. The United States is united in its support of President Bush and the defense of our nation. In response to President Bush’s call, we pledge to remain unified in our resolve to defeat terrorism; to support our President and other leaders in the defense of our nation and the freedoms we hold dear; and to exercise patience until terrorism is ultimately defeated. In addition, we pledge to pray faithfully for our President, national and local leaders, and the men and women in our intelligence community and military organizations who are executing the defense of our nation. Furthermore, we express our condolences to each person who lost love ones in this tragedy and we pledge to pray for them. Finally, we renew our resolve to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace

Resolution #2 — Islam

The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, at our Annual Meeting in August, rejects the religion of Islam as true. Islam rejects the deity of Jesus Christ and denies his crucifixion. The god of Islam and the Koran, Allah, is radically different from the God of the Bible. Allah is not Triune, God is. Allah provides no assurance of eternal life, Jesus Christ, the One true God, offers eternal life and has the ability to guarantee it. Allah’s heaven is presented in the Koran and Hadith as an unsanitary place of immorality. The Koran contradicts the Bible many times. It also incites many of it followers to engage in “Holy War” against the “infidels” – Jews and Christians. As a result, some Muslim groups around the world are committing terrible acts of violence against Jews and Bible-believing Christians. We denounce this persecution and pray for those who are being persecuted. We understand that there are many Muslims who are peaceful people and we seek, through prayer and witness, their salvation.

Resolution #3 — Reaffirmation of Fundamentalism

The growing numbers of people who are defecting from Fundamentalism saddens the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches. We still believe that Fundamentalists must continue to expose and separate from all that is contrary to the Bible, God’s final authority and only word to this world. True Fundamentalists must separate from apostasy and those who compromise with apostates. Therefore, at our Annual Meeting in August, we call on true Bible believing Christians to remain separated from liberalism/modernism, neo-orthodoxy/new evangelicalism, the charismatic movement, cultism, and other new theological theories that question, add to, subtract from, subvert, or twist the Word of God. We reaffirm our position as Fundamentalists, and by God’s grace, we pledge to continue to stand in the evil day.

Resolution #4 — The Roman Catholic Church in Crisis

The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, at our Annual Meeting in August, condemns the abuse of children by Catholic priests, as well as their homosexuality. We also condemn the efforts made by church leaders to “cover up” these abuses and allow the guilty priests to continue in the ministry. Throughout its history the Roman Catholic Church has exalted herself above the Word of God, teaching and accommodating many heretical ideas (transubstantiation, salvation by works, the mandate of celibacy, etc.). As a result, they are an apostate system that fosters this type of perversion and disrespect of people. We call on all Christians to separate from the Roman Catholic Church. We are deeply grieved for the victims of this great tragedy. Furthermore, we pledge, by God’s grace, to be people of integrity.

Resolution #5 – The Heresy Of Harold Camping

The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, at our Annual Meeting in August, recognizes the significant contribution that Family Radio has made to the cause of Christ for many years. As “The Sound of the New Life” around the world, the programming, music, and teaching have generally been of a conservative, evangelical nature. Sadly, the founder, president, and voice of Family Radio, Harold Camping, has taken this station to a new low, not only with his false prophecies, but also with his latest heresy concerning the church. His teachings are usually based on sensationalized, eclectic allegorizing, and his newest false teaching is no different. He is now teaching that the church age has come to an end and “now the church as a corporate institution has no spiritual authority.” His advice to believers who are members of a local church is to “withdraw their membership and fellowship on Sundays with whomever there may be who are of like mind.” For those who are not members but attend a church regularly he advises to “stop attending that church but continue to fellowship outside of the church with individuals of like mind.” To the church he recommends that they “reorganize their congregation, to become a fellowship of believers.” He believes that there should be no pastors or deacons anymore since, seemingly, no one has any spiritual words from God anymore, no one except for Harold Camping that is. His basis for this teaching is a twisting of Scriptures to fit his hermeneutic (II Corinthians 4:2, II Peter 3:16). The Scriptures clearly tell us that the universal and local church will endure “throughout all ages” (Ephes. 3:21), and that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). We go on record as saying that this teaching is heresy.

Because of the blatant, dangerous and heretical teachings of Harold Camping, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches emphatically warns all believers to reject his teaching and to cease listening to him. Because of this cancerous teaching which is spreading rapidly and causing serious damage, we call upon true bible believing Christians to withdraw support from Family Radio Stations Incorporated. As time goes on, more and more sound ministries will be separating from this station and only those sympathetic with Mr. Camping’s heresy will remain.

Resolution #6 – Appreciation of The Racite’s and Tri-State

The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, at our Annual Meeting in August, rejoices in the great blessings of God upon Tri-State Bible Conference during the past year. We are especially grateful for the sacrificial service, vision, and leadership of Joe and Ardie Racite, Keith and Alicia Lamberson, Bill and Naomi Hoeflinger, and the rest of the Tri-State Staff. The Pastors and Delegates wish to express their gratitude to all the staff for making the 2002 Annual Session a wonderful time of spiritual planning and renewal.

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