2011 FFBC Resolutions

The KJV at 400

2011 Resolution #1

Four hundred years ago, May 2nd, the most important book in the English language was published. The King James Version of the Bible, first published in 1611 is still the best-selling book of all time. As the capstone of several attempts in the English language, the KJV is the greatest literary masterpiece in the English language and has been greatly used of God.

As a translation, we believe that the KJV is accurate and trustworthy. When Jesus picked up the scroll of Isaiah in the synagogue at Nazareth, He was, in fact, reading from a copy of God’s Word and spoke with all authority and confidence (Luke 4:16-21).The people of God can likewise have confidence as they read God’s Word in English.

We, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting in Annual Session at the Tri-State Bible Conference, in Montague, NJ, August 8-11, 2011, do celebrate these past four centuries of influence from this Bible translation. We rejoice in the way that God has used this translation in the past and continue to commend its use today. It has always been God’s desire to have His Word preserved, and for His people to have confidence in His Word. We appreciate the way the KJV has been the English standard for these four centuries and we continue to commend its use in our churches.

We further remind our pastors and churches to be cautious in their understanding of the King James Version. 1] We are not a “1611” Fellowship of Churches, 2] There is benefit in other Bible translations, and 3] No translation is flawless.

The Miscarriage of Marriage

2011 Resolution #2

The definition of marriage is once again under attack in our nation. Recently, the state of New York, under the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, along with democratic senators, voted to legalize same sex marriage in that state. This happened chiefly because [1] a few Republican senators sided with the Democrats, [2] conservatives and Christians were out maneuvered by the lawmakers, and [3] the Roman Catholic hierarchy seemed ineffective against such power in the state senate.

This has led to a miscarriage of marriage. The pressure is on in the state of New Jersey and other states to accept that which God calls an abomination. Genesis 2:24 defines marriage as a union of a man and woman. The man is to leave home and cleave to his wife, and they two are to be one flesh. Marriage is to be a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman! Hebrews 13:4 states that marriage is to be held in honor by all. Sad, but a culture that has already lost the sanctity of life is in great danger of losing the sanctity of marriage. We are being asked to sanction perversion [homosexuality], and will be asked to finance it. Homosexuality is a lifestyle that is learned.

We, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting in Annual Session at the Tri-State Bible Conference, in Montague, NJ August 8-11, 2011, do exhort our churches to uphold God’s definition and design for marriage between a man and a woman. We condemn the judicial action by NY State lawmakers in condoning homosexual marriage and call upon Bible Believing Christians to hold them accountable in November. We further call upon our pastors and churches to speak and to write on the issue as opportunity presents itself.

Judgment Day, Recalculating

2011 Resolution # 3

Many travelers these days, while using GPS, will often hear the words “One moment, recalculating.” After May 21, 2011, the voice of Family Radio International, Mr. Harold Camping, is once again recalculating an states that Judgment Day has begun and the earth will be destroyed on October 21st. Since his initial book 1994, this teacher and radio voice has led multitudes astray with his heretical and fanatical teachings. This continues, even though the Bible clearly states that no man knows the day nor hour of our Lord’s return (Mark 13:32).

We, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting in Annual Session at the Tri-State Bible Conference, in Montague, NJ August 8-11, 2011, do remind our churches, that while a day of judgment is certain for all, the specific time of it has not been revealed by God (Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:11-15). Those who have claimed special knowledge, have set dates for the end of the world, or have claimed to know divine secrets have always been rejected by the Church and labeled as fanatics or heretics. Mr. Camping certainly fits such labeling.

We further encourage our pastors and churches to continue to teach truth, expose error, and warn the flock of the dangerous, heretical teachings of such men.

Our Fundamentalist Colleges and Seminaries

2011 Resolution # 4

Since the early years of Fundamentalism, our movement has thrived and benefitted from good Bible institutes, Bible colleges, and seminaries as these schools have trained scores of men and women for ministry. Bible-believing local churches are indebted to such schools of learning. We commend those schools that are still faithful to the Word today in doctrine and practice. We are grieved at others who have drifted from their original intention to stand for truth. Bible colleges and seminaries are still needed to train the next generation.

Without naming specific schools, we applaud those who are able to 1] uphold the Inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, 2] remain true to the Fundamentals of the faith, including the doctrine of Biblical Separation, 3] be relevant in our world without compromising Scriptural precept or principle, and 4] train future leaders to be students of the Word and servants in ministry.

We, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, meeting in Annual Session at the Tri-State Bible Conference, in Montague, NJ August 8-11, 2011, do exhort our churches to promote and pray for those Bible colleges and seminaries that stand true to the Word of God. We further hold these schools accountable as they serve the churches.


2 Responses

  1. AMEN !

    With respect to “The KJV at 400”, the KJV was based on the TR (Received Text); any translation based on the TR is the Bible. God has preserved HIS Word!

    With respect to “The Miscarriage of Marriage”, they don’t promote counterfeit money, why do they promote counterfeit marriage ? As Dr. Griffith stated, “Marriage is Holy Ground!”

    With respect to “Judgment Day, Recalculating”, An heretic after the first and second admonition Reject ! Harold Camping has received numerous admonitions and has been hospitalized. God has given him numerous times to repent. In addition to this, he no longer believes in a literal Hell but annihilation (like the JW’s).

    With respect to “Our Fundamentalist Colleges and Seminaries”, it is sad with the emergence of “Drama Ministries.” Drama is not a ministry!
    Drama is not found in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Early Church, nor should it be in today’s Church.

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